Attention Health & Fitness Entrepreneurs: Is It Your Goal To Build An Automated 6 Or 7 Figure Business?

“A business that CONSISTENTLY makes sales WITHOUT needing your constant involvement?”


My name is Timothy.

And I can help you achieve this goal. How? With the power of email marketing.

My email marketing tactics can help you scale your business to 6 or 7 figure business. And automate it, so you’re making money on autopilot.

But more importantly: They can help you build a business you love. And don’t feel trapped in.

Because that’s what I see happen with a lot of entrepreneurs.  They successfully grow their business.

But they drown in all the work involved.

They have no time left for friends and family. To go on a long vacation. Or for other passions and hobbies.

As a result, they feel miserable.

I understand that–as a business owner–you have to wear many different hats. But you simply CAN’T do everything yourself.

That’s why you need the right people. People that can take work out of your hands. And that you can rely on.

I got you.

As an email copywriter, I can help you build an automated 6 or 7 figure business.

When you hire me? You can sit back. Watch your email marketing become more profitable. And WITHOUT needing you to be constantly involved.

So, why should you listen to me?

You don’t have to. But, since starting my freelance business, I’ve helped over a dozen health and fitness entrepreneurs improve their email campaigns. And my past clients include:

  • Companies that have been featured in Buzzfeed & Forbes.
  • 6 to 9-figure businesses
  • And an online marketing agency that was on the Inc 5000 list

Also, according to Google, I’m the #1 ranked health and the #1 ranked fitness email copywriter.

health email copywriter

fitness email coywriter

…and let’s be honest: Who knows more than Google?


But that’s not all.

What sets me apart

○ Speak to your audience in their language:  The majority of copywriters are a jack of all trades. They’ll work for anyone. And do anything for a paycheck. So, finding one that can speak to your audience with the right tone-of-voice? It’s not easy. Until now. I specialize in health and fitness. And not without good reason. I’ve had a passion for it from a young age. Helping people live healthier, happier lives. And become the best version of themselves is one of my personal goals. Read my about page for more information.

○ I study the best:  As an email copywriter, I’m inspired by Ben Settle, Matt Furey, Big Jason, Andre Chaperon, Ryan Deiss and many others. But–unlike other copywriters–I don’t copy their personality.

○ I know the value of your time: I know your frustration with missed deadlines. With me, you’ll have an ease of mind knowing that work gets done on time. Every time.

I’m down to earth: I pride myself on being down to earth. I’m unpretentious, straightforward (its a Dutch thing) and easy to work with.

○ I’m affordable: Some copywriters will charge you a kidney. And lets not even get started about agencies. But I’m a hungry up-and-coming copywriter. And my rates still reflect that. Sure, I’m not the cheapest option. But my rates WILL allow you to make a healthy return on investment (ROI).

I have a Marketing degree: Probably the least important out of all of my accomplishments.

I have a 100% satisfaction guarantee: In most cases, my clients are happy with the first draft. But if you’re not happy with my work? It’s not a problem. All my work comes with two free edits/revisions. Just let me know what needs to be improved.

I’m bald: And lastly, but most importantly: I’m a bald human… which makes me a better marketer. Says science. Seth Godin. Matt Furey. Timothy Buysman. See where I’m going with this?

Good! Here’s how I can help you.



Here are the specific niches I write for:

  • Fitness
  • Fitness supplements
  • Health
  • Nutrition
  • Nutritional supplements
  • Weight Loss & Diet
  • Self Development

Get in touch

Is your business in one of these niches? And do want to build an automated 6 or 7 figure business?

Bobbee Palmer
Working with Tim was a pleasure. I have never had such close, quick communication with a writer. Although he is on the other side of the planet, he was super quick with responses. Now for his work: I think Tim is a perfectionist and that is a gift as a copywriter. He questioned me deeply about my target audience, prepared an avatar of who this person was, what they did, liked, how they lived, what their needs/wants were. After building this laser-focused identity, he wrote copy that connected to the audience. So much so, that after thousands of his emails hit the inboxes, they ALL as an average exceeded a 42% open rate with less than a 4% opt out!..and that was a 10-series email sequence to a luke-warm-to-cold audience list!   Initially, I was hesitant to work with Tim because I didn’t know how a Dutch writer would craft an English email series – all while he was located in Asia. Needless to say, I am very happy with my decision to work with him as he owns the English language better than most of my closest companions and has a gift in his wordsmith abilities. I would highly recommend working with him if he has an opening!
Dean Green
"Timothy will always be there when I need someone to have a look at my copy. He will bring out the 'hidden' selling points I missed. Or will honest with me if my copy needs a major change. I’ve also seen his work and it’s all quality. If you are in the health or fitness business and you want to skyrocket your sales through email- you need to hire Tim RIGHT NOW before he’s fully booked. "
Adam Napolitano
" Tim's the man. I hired him to write a health-related eBook. It was a big project. He had to do all of the research and writing from scratch. He knocked it out of the park. Original and valuable content presented in a conversational way. And that's easy to understand. He maintained great communication throughout the project keeping me updated and asking for feedback. He gets my highest recommendation. Hire Tim now, you won't regret it!"