Increase Customer Loyalty And Your Customer Lifetime Value With Daily Emails

Dear Friend,

Want to know one of the biggest email marketing mistakes I see health and fitness entrepreneurs make?

I’ll tell you.

They don’t mail their list often enough. And they lack consistency.

Here’s the thing: You should be mailing your list as often as possible.


While I wouldn’t call sales a “number’s game” … because THE QUALITY of a lead is ALWAYS more important than the QUANTITY of leads.

Email allows you to HEAVILY influence the quality of each new lead.

Think about it.

Every email is a chance to tell a story your audience will relate to. To show them you understand their goals and dreams. Their specific set of problems. And to strengthen your relationship with your list

If you show you “get” your ideal customer?

You will build trust. You will increase your sales. But—even more importantly—you will start building an ARMY of loyal fans. And seriously boost your Customer Lifetime Value (CLV).

But in order to achieve these results?

You need THE RIGHT BALANCE of relationship building emails and promotional emails.

Because this one of the other biggest mistakes you can make: Not writing enough relationship building emails. And only mailing your list when you have something to sell.

You have to avoid it AT ALL COST.

Because your list will start thinking: “Oh, so you only approach me when you have something to sell?”




Your list will start to die. And—as a smart business owner— I’m sure you know your list is your most valuable asset.

But look, I totally get it.

It’s hard to CONSISTENTLY think of good topics. Especially because you have so many other things to worry about.

And what you absolutely don’t want? Feel like you’re spamming your list without providing much value.

But I can help you.

I have a proven system for writing daily emails based on your unique customer avatar. Each email has a specific goal. And contains 0 fluff.

My Daily Email Allow You To

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