Health & Fitness Copywriter: Use My Knowledge To Grow Your Business

I’ve had an interest in how psychology affects behavior since I was young. This natural curiosity has always been a part of my personality.“Why do people do the things they do? is a question I often ask myself. That’s why I thought I wanted to study psychology back then. I’m glad I decided to study Marketing instead.

During my study, I started to realize the possibilities of online marketing. This was despite the fact that my school didn’t have any online marketing courses at the time – which baffled me (schools are always one step behind aren’t they!). This led me to choose online marketing as an optional course for my study abroad in the US.

The course inspired me to apply for an SEO-internship at a small agency in Amsterdam. I got the job and started writing and doing SEO for small to medium-sized companies.

While I liked working there, I realized I didn’t have any connection with the companies I was working for. This got me thinking about how I could combine my working experience with my other interests.

For the longest time, I’ve had an interest in everything that has to do with health & fitness. The way different exercises and nutritions affect the body and mind is fascinating to me. I’ve had points where I was religiously reading scientific researches. Lastly, I’ve been an avid gym goer since age 17.

So why not do something with that?

I took a leap of faith and started working as a freelance copywriter, specializing in health & fitness. I now get into the heads of health and fitness consumers, to write content and copy that attracts them. By doing so, I help passionate entrepreneurs like you stand out by:

  • Making Google like your website
  • Speaking to your target audience deeper motives
  • Evoking emotion to get your audience invested in your brand
  • Persuading your target audience to increase your sales

Background information:

  • Two years of experience in Digital Marketing
  • Studied at Inholland Alkmaar and the University of Missouri-St. Louis
  • Graduated in Marketing with a specialization in Dialogue Marketing.
  • Born in Amsterdam.