Automate Your Business And Make Money On Autopilot With Email Sequences

Dear Friend,

If you’re a health or fitness entrepreneur that wants to automate his business, make money on autopilot and eliminate all the stress, frustration and overwhelm you feel running your business now…

…then this post might be the most important thing you’ve read in a long time.


Because I know how frustrating it is when the passion you once had for your business? It feels like a faraway memory.

And when you’ve come to realize your business is RUNNING YOU. And you’re not RUNNING YOUR BUSINESS.

It’s demoralizing and kills your spirit when:

Wasn’t a complete sense of FREEDOM your main motivations to become an entrepreneur?

Whatever happened to that vision?

I envision something better for you.

A business where you’re in full control of the steering wheel.

Where YOU decide where you spend your time and energy. Where you no longer have to neglect your friends and family.  Where you’re making 6 or 7 figures a year on autopilot.

But—most importantly—where you have the FREEDOM you desire.

Does that sound good?

If so, then let me write your email sequences for you.

With my sequences in place?

You will have campaigns that intelligently follow up with the right people at the right time. And based on who they are. And on what actions they’re taking, It will be like having your own online master salesmen working for you around the clock. 365 days a year.
It will keep feeding your (potential) customer’s the right information throughout the entire customer journey. It will answer all their objection BEFORE they even come to mind. And build trust by tapping into their
To sum it up…

My Email Sequences Will

  • Send the perfect email, to the right person, at the right moment in the customer journey
  • Ensures every single one of your leads is followed up with correctly, so you don’t lose out on customers.
  • Turn ice-cold leads into an army raving fans, that will buy your upsell without a second thought
  • Entertain your customer’s like they’re watching the latest episode of Stranger Things
  • Inspire them to shatter their limiting beliefs and go after their dreams
  • Provide education that will position you as the authority
  • Connect with your target audience on a deep emotional level, so they will stay your customer’s for years to come
  • Increase the ROI of your marketing campaigns
  • Future proof and recession proof your business

Sequences I Can Write

  • A welcome sequence
  • A product launch sequence
  • An engagement sequence
  • A re-engagement/renewal sequence
  • A conversion sequence
  • An onboarding sequence
  • An abondoned cart recovery sequence
  • An upsell sequence
  • An evangelist sequence
  • A lead nurturing sequence
  • An event sequence
  • A follow up sequence

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Can’t wait to get to know more about you and your business! – Timothy, aka The Bald Email Copywriter