Why I became a specialized health and fitness email marketer & copywriter

5 years ago I quit a job as an International Account Manager at the biggest affiliate marketing network in Europe.


Because the job was making me miserable and depressed:

And I didn’t really care for most of the industries my clients were in.

Ultimately, I wanted the freedom to not be reliant on a 9-5 job, to work from anywhere I wanted, and to ONLY work for businesses I had a personal interest in.

So, I started working as a freelance email marketer & copywriter for health and fitness businesses and coaches.

Specializing came naturally to me because:

But also because I realized every health and fitness entrepreneur could benefit from automating their business with the power of email marketing.

I struggled a lot during my first years as a freelancer. 

But the freedom I gained was more than worth the price.

So I stuck with it.

Today, I’m proud to say I’ve: 

Are you a health and fitness business owner or coach? And are you thinking about outsourcing (part of) your email marketing/copywriting? 

Do you also want to avoid working with overpriced agencies and generalist freelancer copywriters who don’t understand your industry and ideal customer?

Here’s how I can help you.

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