What do the guru’s Gary V, Tony Robbins & Russell Brunson have in common with one my favorite hip-hop songs, Biggie’s “Sky’s The Limit?”

I’ll tell you.

They all use one of THE most powerful persuasion strategies. A strategy you can use to quickly scale your business. And build a following in record time.

But not just any type of following.

I’m talking about a cult-like following.

The type of following that’s bought into WHATEVER you say. That will VICIOUSLY defend you if anyone DARES to say something bad about you. That looks at you like you’re their personal savior.

And that’s ECSTATIC to even get a chance to buy what you’re selling.


Why encouraging your ideal customers to pursue their dreams is so powerful

So, why is encouraging your ideal customer’s to pursue their dreams so powerful? Here are the 3 most important reasons:

  • It shatters their limiting beliefs
  • It allows you to instantly build trust with them
  • It gives them guidance in a life-changing moment

It shatters their limiting beliefs
Limiting beliefs are negative beliefs your ideal customer has about themselves. And about what they’re capable of achieving. When your ideal customer’s limiting beliefs are too strong? It will hold them back from pursuing their dreams. And investing in your product.

But when you can take away that LAST bit of doubt that’s holding them back? And convince them they CAN accomplish their dreams? But—on top of that—also give them encouragement and guidance?

You help them overcome a mental barrier and give them an “Aha-moment.”

And this has a profound effect.

Because they will have this newfound belief in themselves. And a new perspective on life. Suddenly, a whole new world of possibilities opens up. But not only that. The feeling of going after a dream? It’s one of the most liberating feelings they will EVER experience. And they have you to thank for that. They will be eternally grateful. And feel like they’re forever in your debt. This is proven by Robert Cialidini’s persuasion principle “Reciprocity”— which says we feel obligated to repay those who’ve helped us.

It enables you to instantly build trust with them
Normally, it takes ages to build trust with your ideal customer. But not when you encourage them to pursue their dreams. Because dreams are by definition HIGHLY personal and emotional. So, when you can put their dreams into words? You show them you understand them on a deep level. And this INSTANTLY turns you into a person of trust. It’s like you go into stealth mode and dodge ALL the skepticism they would normally have.

Also, consider this: In a lot of cases, your ideal customer doesn’t get a lot of encouragement to pursue their dreams. Because their relationships with their loved ones are oftentimes under a lot of stress. So, you’re helping them in a way even their loved ones couldn’t.

It gives them guidance in a life-changing moment
When does your ideal customer need encouragement the most? It’s when they when want to accomplish something BIG. And need to make a big change in their life. Because at this particular moment? When they HAVE to come out of their comfort zone and take a leap of faith?

Their world become shaky. Why? Because people are creatures of habits. And—all of a sudden—they have to leave behind all these habits that no longer serve them. But also form new habits that will help them achieve their dreams.

And this exposes them to a world of uncertainty and insecurity. In order to overcome all this uncertainty and insecurity? They have to conquer an ocean of stress, anxiety, and fear caused by the unknown.

When you show them you understand their feelings in this moment? But also give encouragement and guidance on HOW TO GET OUT of that situation? You’re helping them in a pivotal moment in their life. As a result, they’ll feel strongly emotionally attached to you.

You will become a savior in their eyes.

I know the feeling of uncertainty all too well. I remember quitting a stable job as an International Account Manager to pursue my dream: Start an online business. Anyone that showed me even the tiniest bit of support in this life-changing moment? I instantly became strongly emotionally attached to them.

How gurus encourage their followers to pursue their dream

So, tell me this: How does Russel Brunson encourage his followers to pursue their dreams? You might have already had a light-bulb moment. But let me break it down for you anyway.

Clickfunnels marketing encourages its audience to make a business out of their passion. Making a living out of a passion is a dream for just about everyone. However, most people don’t believe they can do it.

Clickfunnels helps its audience overcome their limiting beliefs. And gives them easy steps to make their dream a reality.

But not only that.

Even their slogan uses the concept. The power of the slogan “One Funnel Away” comes from its suggestive power. It implicates you’re only one step away from becoming rich. And this is a dream EVERYONE has.

Well, unless this is you:

And Gary V?

A lot of Gary V’s content speaks to young people who are in a pivotal moment in their life: When they get out of college. And are on the verge of starting a business. He encourages them to get rid of habits that no longer serve them. But he also helps them get into the mindset they need to succeed.

So, why is Biggie’s “Sky’s the Limit” one of his most memorable songs?

You know this already. Because it uses the power of encouraging others to pursue their dreams.

Have a look at the chorus:

“Sky is the limit and you know that you keep on
Just keep on pressin’ on
Sky is the limit and you know that you can have
What you want, be what you want
Sky is the limit and you know that you keep on
Just keep on pressin’ on
Sky is the limit and you know that you can have
What you want, be what you want, have what you want, be what you want”

In other words, there’s no limit to what you can achieve. Anything is possible. And you can do anything if you set your mind to it. A comment that stood out to me on YouTube:

“This song has always helped me in life, I’m training to become an airline pilot one day. It took me years of saving and a lot of sacrifices. It wasn’t easy, I remember when I had absolutely zero dollars to pay for flight school. I don’t come from a rich family. At times I felt like my dream was never going to come true. However, I never gave up, I just couldn’t. If Biggie could do it, so can I. I’ve graduated from college and am now in flight school, no debt, no loans. I listen to this song a lot, close my eyes, and visualize myself flying jets for a major U.S. airline. This song means a lot to me. I’m thankful to Biggie for how real this song is, and how I personally connect with it. If it weren’t for this song, I don’t think I would have gotten through the rough days throughout my journey. Bless Biggie. As a pilot, these words will forever be in my heart. “Stay far from timid, only make moves when your hearts in it, and live the phrase; Sky’s the Limit.”

Powerful stuff. Put that persuasion power under a divine, dreamy beat and you have a rap classic.

Last words

Encouraging your ideal customer’s to pursue their dreams is one of the most powerful strategies. Because you will:

  • Help them shatter their limiting beliefs
  • Instantly build trust with them
  • Give them guidance in a life-changing moment

So, here’s what I want you to do. Start thinking about your ideal customer. And ask yourself these questions:

  • What dreams do they want to accomplish?
  • How can I speak to those dreams in my marketing?
  • How can I help them overcome their limiting beliefs?
  • How can I give them guidance in this life-changing moment?

Once you have the answers to those questions? You will have the keys to your ideal customer’s heart. And this will help you scale your business to new heights. But it will also help you build a sustainable business. One that will survive even the worst economic depression.

-The Bald Email Copywriter

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