Making time-sensitive offers in your emails is the perfect way to push your “fence-sitting prospects” off the fence.

But a lot of companies are using these types of offers in a way that makes my skin crawl.

And, basically, in a way that causes a massive amount of distrust with their followers.

I’ll get into what I mean in a second, so stay with me.

But first, let me explain what a time-sensitive offer is, for those of you that don’t know.

Long-story-short, a time-sensitive offer is when your offer is only available for a SPECIFIC amount of time. Makes sense, right?

Some examples are:

  • A price that goes up on a certain time and date
  • A bonus only the first 500 people that buy will get
  • A product or service that’s no longer available after a certain time and date

And so on.

There is a very specific reason why time-sensitive offers are so powerful. It’s because they play into people’s FEAR OF LOSS.

You see, people HATE feeling like they’re about to lose out on something. And by something, I mean things like MONEY, A GREAT OPPORTUNITY, or AN AMAZING DEAL.

In fact, some studies have suggested the fear of loss is 2x more powerful than the hope for gain.

And that’s exactly why time-sensitive offers exist.

But here’s the thing: You need to be really careful HOW you use time-sensitive offers.


Because just about every company under the sun is using them. So, your target audience has probably seen them (many times) before.

And—in a lot of cases—they can smell whether they’re legit or not.

That’s why you need to be smarter than the average business.

Where a lot of companies go wrong is this: They don’t give a GREAT REASON for their time-sensitive offer.

Instead, they say something like “Price goes up before [insert date and time] make sure you don’t miss out.”

What kind of effect do you think this has on a person that has heard those claims ten times before?

I’ll tell you. Here’s what that person thinking:

“Yeah, right. I haven’t heard that one before. Great, another scammy company with a fake time-sensitive offer to pressure me to buy now.”

And that’s exactly why THE REASON for your time-sensitive offer has to be as solid as a brick.

Let me give you a perfect example of a GREAT time-sensitive offer.

Here’s an email I got from Kevin Rogers. Kevin runs a paid community called “Copy Chief.” A community for copywriters who want to improve their skills and network with business owners:

Subject title: Heads up… I’m raising the price for Copy Chief Live tickets (get yours today)

Hey Tim,

Want to make sure you get the heads up…

I know there are a lot of people who have ‘mentally committed’ to going to Copy Chief Live this year. They know they’re going, but they just haven’t bought their ticket yet.

After all, there’re still a couple months until the event.

What’s the rush, right?

I do the same thing sometimes… even if I know I’m going to invest in something, it usually takes a looming deadline for me to actually take action.


I wanted to give you a friendly ‘shove off the fence.’

This week, I’m raising the price for tickets to Copy Chief Live.
Right now, they’re on sale for $899.

But at the end of the week, the price goes up to $1,299 (a $400 increase). Soon after, they’ll be available at the full retail price of $1,999.

Yes, it’s a substantial increase. But I want to reward people who take action. And the earlier we sell out (we always do), the earlier we can finalize all the details.

So, if you know you are definitely coming, do yourself a favor: save some money and grab your ticket today:

Click here to see who’s speaking and get your Copy Chief Live 2019 ticket (save $400 – offer expires soon)

See you there,

Kevin Rogers”

Kevin’s time-sensitive offer is amazing for a number of reasons: It’s filled to the brim with personality. It gives great REASONS WHY the price is going up. It relates to the reasons why I might have postponed buying a ticket…

And it made me feel special…

… instead of some idiot, he can pressure into buying.

So, make sure your time-sensitive offers:

-Have a great reason why
-Feel personal and pleasant
-Address objections
-And—if possible—relate to your target audience’s desires and goals

As a result, you will have more happy customers, you will increase your sales and your customer lifetime value.

To your success,

-The Bald Email Copywriter