Build a highly engaged and profitable list with (daily) content emails

Sending out valuable and engaging content on a regular basis is crucial.

In fact, it often means the difference between building a highly profitable list and a list that quickly dies off.

Ideally, you should be sending out several content emails for every sales email.

And 2 – 3 content emails a week should be the bare minimum.

But let’s face it: writing these emails is not easy.

You need to come up with ideas, hooks, and stories.

You need to relate to your target audience’s struggles and goals.

You need to write the emails in a clear and concise manner.

And probably the hardest of all?

You need to stay consistent week in, week out.

Wouldn’t it be great if someone could take (some of) that work off your plate so you can focus on other parts of your business?

I have a system for writing (daily) content emails based on your unique customer avatar. And my emails are designed to help you:

My content email packages

These are my content email packages

The exact fee will depend on:

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