Fill up your content calendar and build a highly engaged and profitable list

Sending quality content to your subscribers on a regular basis is crucial for your email marketing results. 

It means the difference between:

Unfortunately, the latter is something that happens quite often.

This is because many list owners struggle with maintaining a balanced ratio between sales-driven emails and QUALITY content emails.

This imbalance leads to subscribers feeling almost every interaction is a sales pitch. 

And the company is only interested in their wallet. 

To prevent this from happening and to build a highly engaged list, the bare minimum is sending 2 to 3 quality content emails a week

But in today’s competitive landscape, where everyone’s inbox is more crowded than Venice on a sunny day…

Every email copywriter worth their salt will agree: the more quality content emails you send, the more profitable your email marketing becomes. 

That’s precisely why sending out a daily content email has become so common.

Here’s the big thing, though. 

And this is something I’m sure you’ll agree with me on. 

Writing quality content on a consistent basis is not easy.

It’s a challenging and often tedious process that demands your creativity, time, and effort.

Because you have to come up with ideas, hooks, and stories.

You have to write the emails in a clear and concise manner and be meticulous with your editing.

But the hardest of all?

You have to uphold quality day after day, week after week.

This can sometimes feel like an overwhelming burden. 

A burden ChatGPT, unfortunately, can’t help you solve.

If you agree with what I’m saying here…

Wouldn’t it feel great to have your content calendar completely filled with quality content?

So you no longer have to stress about writing your emails and can focus on the parts of your business that deserve your attention?

I’m sure you’re nodding your head right now. 

That’s precisely why I created my content email service.

Why hire me to write your content emails

I’ve been writing content for over 10 years now.

In my six years as a freelance copywriter, I’ve written content emails for:

This experience has allowed me to develop a highly effective system for writing (daily) content emails.

Itt revolves around identifying your target audience’s fears, pain points, and desires. 

And using this information to write emails that:

These emails will prove you understand your audience’s challenges and aspirations better than anyone else.

As a result, y
our subscribers will start seeing you as the ONLY logical option to buy from – no matter how competitive your market is. 

What my content email service will help you accomplish

Ultimately, my content email service will help you: 

…all without the stress of writing the emails yourself.

What’s also great?

These emails are a one-time investment but have a long-lasting value.

While some marketing investments have a short lifespan, these content emails will continue to deliver results year after year. 

They become evergreen assets, continuously nurturing your relationship with your audience and driving sales.

And as your list grows, each email becomes even more valuable over time.

Even with a smaller list, the return on investment is substantial. 

What do my content emails cost?

I have three content email packages:

The exact fee will depend on:

Contact me now

If you want to:

Reach out to me by filling out my contact form.

As you know, writing quality content is a very mentally demanding task.

It requires intense focus and creativity.

That’s why my content email service is only open for ONE client at any given time.

So reach out to me now.

I’ll let you know if I have any openings.