Automate your business with email sequences and start making money on autopilot

Are you a health or fitness business owner or coach who:

  • Feels constricted by your business’s daily operations
  • Feels like you have to sacrifice your social/family life to grow your business
  • Works 50-60+ hours weeks, but still feel there’s not enough time in a day

And is that why you sometimes feel trapped in your business?

Or that your business is running YOU?

Not the other way around?

If so, then you’ve probably also come to this realization: As long as your business is not fully automated, you will always be trading your time for money.

And you will not have the freedom you want.

That’s why high-converting email sequences are your golden ticket to building a fully automated business.

The type of business that gives you the financial and time freedom to:

  • Not have to spend 60 hours a week working on your business
  • Not have to worry about cash-flow problems
  • Spend more time with your friends and family
  • Spend time on other passions and hobbies
  • Travel whenever you want
  • And give your family the best life possible

So if you’ve already built a decent-sized list, but are still missing key email sequences.

Or have email sequences in place that are underperforming.

Now is the time to invest in a proven email copywriter.

Here are the email sequences I can write for you:

  • Welcome sequence
  • Product launch sequence
  • Engagement sequence
  • Re-engagement/renewal sequence
  • Conversion sequence
  • Onboarding sequence
  • Abandoned cart recovery sequence
  • Upsell sequence
  • Evangelist sequence
  • Lead nurturing sequence
  • Event sequence
  • Follow up sequence

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