The story behind my freelance career

In 2017, I left behind an office job at Europe’s largest affiliate marketing network 


Because the job was making me miserable and depressed: The open office environment was a nightmare. The strong hierarchy in the company was not something I enjoyed (to say the least).

And I was obligated to wear a suit to work every day of the week. 

That’s why I felt severely restricted in my freedom. 

I craved the freedom to:

And I had long thought about starting my own freelance business.

So, I took the leap of faith and started working as a freelance sales-copywriter. 

This decision to work exclusively with health and fitness businesses came naturally to me. 

I’ve been fascinated with how nutrition and exercise affect the body and mind since a young age.

And I know from personal experience how big of a difference optimizing these two areas can make on your well-being. 

We also live in a day and age where:

All of this motivated me to persuade people to make better lifestyle choices. 

Over the last 6 years, I’ve worked with over 40 health and fitness entrepreneurs.

These clients range from solopreneurs to small startups to large established companies and span a wide variety of industries/niches:

This experience has honed my copywriting skills.

And it has deepened my understanding of what’s important to health and fitness consumers. 

Over time, I’ve increasingly turned my focus towards e-mail marketing.

I see this as a natural progression of my career.

Because by helping over a dozen entrepreneurs improve their e-mail marketing results, I’ve witnessed just how transformative e-mail marketing can be.

E-mail marketing consistently brings great results no matter how small the business.

It has the highest ROI out of all marketing channels (especially with increasing advertisement costs)

And because it’s automated, it significantly reduces the hours required to run a business. 

That’s why it gives business owners like yourself more of the freedom I also sought when leaving behind my office job. 

This brings my freelance career full circle. 

Just as I wanted to escape a restrictive 9-5 job, my help as a copywriter and email marketer enables entrepreneurs to win back more of their time and escape a restrictive business model.

And it helps create a lifestyle that prioritizes personal freedom and fulfillment.